How Adype Works

If you are tired of working with advertising networks of no target audience, uncertain and low income, you should try Adype advertising network. Adype allows you to sell the ad space on your sites as CPM based or fix fee for 7, 15, 30 days. After sold over the prices defined by you and got paid, your advert slots begin broadcasting upon your confirmation. You can have sponsor adverts for your Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Your incomes can be transferred to your account at any time you wish via Wire Transfer and PayPal.

The manner of working of Adype advertising network can be explained in following 7 simple ways:
  • 1- Add Property

    After registered into Adype network, the first thing to be done in order to begin the advertising sales as publisher is to define a property (Website or social media account) into your account. Adype currently has 3 different media. These are the ad zones on websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts. In order to put an advert space for sale on a website or sell sponsor post/video or tweet on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, first you need to add that website or social media account as a property. Later, you can start selling by setting areas in these web sites or social media accounts defined as property. For example, a website is a property but a dozens of different ad zones can be defined in this property. Facebook accounts can be defined in 2 areas as sponsor post and sponsor video in each channel but for twitter accounts, only one area ‘sponsor tweet’ can be defined.

  • 2- Add Zone

    After adding a property into your account, what you need to do is to define a zone under the property. This area can be defined as ad zone for the web sites, as sponsor posts and sponsor videos for Facebook and as tweet for Twitter. For example, when defining the ad zone on a web site, there are 3 types of formats. These are Only Image format, Image + Description format and Title + Description expressed as Text Advert. After you determine select the format according to the nature of your ad zone, you also need to mention price model. There are 4 types of price model in Adype: 7, 15, 30-day fixed-based and CPM-based. Another important feature is mentioning where the advert will be placed in order to give an idea to the advertisers. These placements are presented by different names such as the top left, bottom center, the upper right. If you want your advert to be published without having to ask for your approval after the sale, you should tick "Automatic Approval" option. Availability means the number of the ad space you want to create, side by side or lower down, at a time. Thus, there is no need to define the same area as different areas for several times.

  • 3 - Code Placing

    If your property is a web site, after you create ad zone, the third and last step you need to take is placing the code, belonging to this ad zone created by the system, to the advert space. Adype automatically performs what is after. When your advert is sold, it is approved by you and published. If you use automatic option, there isn’t even any need for this step. Sold advert continues to be published in this area during its sales period. When the sales period is over, it automatically begins reselling. After you create the ad zone for the property defined as social media accounts, there is no need for any code placing step. With the authorization you have done when creating areas with Facebook and Twitter APIs, sponsor video or posts sold for Facebook accounts and sponsor tweets for Twitter accounts are automatically published on the date of purchase.

  • 4- Advanced Settings

    Adype will never want to ensure full control in your ad space as other ad networks do. Which advert and how much you sell it, whose and which advert you want to advertise are completely controlled by you. But this control is not limited to these. You also control how to show the advertising areas that are yet unsold and actively for sales. In order to customize these fields, there is advanced settings option for each ad zone in your publisher control panel. You can determine whether to show "Buy This Ad Space" code belonging to the advert for sale. You can also decide via this unit whether to repeat " Buy This Ad Space " code as vertical or horizontal for multiple ad zones. In addition Anchor-style, image-style and the " Buy This Ad Space "-style of that ad slot can be customized in the Advanced Settings section as well.

  • 5 – Reports

    Adype has developed a completely open, secure and transparent advertising network model for both advertisers and publishers. Undoubtedly, the most important part of this openness and transparency is the reporting provided for both our publishers and advertisers. Thanks to Adype’s state-of-the-art technology, both sides have full idea about the performance of advertising campaigns following the clicking and displaying reports of their advertising area on daily and monthly basis. As the reporting of the areas is made on ad zone basis, it is informed how the ad zone is reached to the visitors. Therefore, the publishers have the opportunity to enable the best possible optimum placement and customization of ad zones.

  • 6 - Sales of Advertising Space

    After the codes of the ad zones are placed on the ad space on sites, these areas begin selling directly on Adype. Those who want to advertise are informed about the sales of these areas via both "Buy This Ad Space" code which is placed at the website and sales list at For the properties like website, listing is done based on average view. Accordingly, advertising spaces, average view in 30-day, are ordered from the highest to the lowest. As for social media channels, ad spaces are ordered from the most to the least according to the number of fans for Facebook and the number of followers for Tweeter. Each ad space contains all the information about the format and price of that advertisement. Those who want to advertise make payments by adding the ad spaces into their carts like shopping from a website as buying a product. It is mandatory for the advertiser to enter the advertisement belonging to that area into the system before the payment. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal. Upon the payment, while the areas with automatic approval start publishing instantly, the ones without automatic approval start publishing after the approval of the publisher. An advertisement is never published unless its payment is made.

  • 7 - Publisher’s Request for Payment

    Adype network pays to publishers in 2 different ways. These are, Wire Transfer and PayPal. The only thing you need to do to receive payment is to request for payment by adding the type of request for payment from your Control Panel. Payment will be paid according to the following criteria:

    PAYPAL: 50 USD minimum – No monthly limit – No Transfer fee

    WIRE TRANSFER: 100 USD minimum – Once in a month - No Transfer fee

    Publishers need to have enough balance on their account in order to request payments. Pending payments for active ad zones are transffered to the actual balance after the ad publishing ends.

    Your requests for payments are made in 2-3 days once received by us.