Selling with Adype

Sell More Pay Less

Adype provides you the platform to sell your ads directly to the advertisers.
If you are tired of working with advertising networks of no target audience, uncertain and low income, you should try Adype advertising network. Adype allows you to sell the advertising space on your sites as CPM based or fix fee for 7, 15, 30 days. After sold over the prices defined by you and got paid, your advert slots begin broadcasting upon your confirmation. You can have sponsor adverts for your Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Your incomes can be transferred to your account at any time you wish via Wire Transfer and PayPal.
If you haven't registered yet, you can do it now.
  • Ad entry is completely free and the reimbursement from the sales is 85%

    Adype network will meet the advertising space on your site with thousands of different people every day without any need for any tool or system. You can leave the sales control of all your adverts to us through our system bringing together those who wish to advertise directly to your ad spaces. You can transfer all-inclusive 85% from the sales to your account in many different ways. You can take your payments to your account with Wire Transfer to account (EFT), and PayPal.

  • It only takes a few minutes to place the code of advertisement into the site

    After registering into Adype network, you need to acquaint the site to the system and specify the ad areas. Thanks to the tools in the publisher panel, you can complete this process in a few minutes and advertising fields can be made ready for sales. When placing your advert spaces into your site, you can make these spaces to be seen in the most appropriate way for advertisers via many features offered to you.

  • Enhance your advertisement revenue with independent pricing policy

    Rating advertising spaces of your site is made completely by you. You do all the arrangements for which field and how will be sold via the control panel before ad space goes for sale. You can sell your advertising fields using 7, 15 and 30-day periods or CPM-based. The authority for rating each area independently from the other is under your total control. Advertisers make advance payments for your advertisement charges.

  • You can take advertisement on your Facebook and Twitter pages

    Do you have Facebook fans or Twitter followers in addition to the advertising fields in your sites? You can convert your power of social media to an earning in the form of sponsor tweet or sponsor post. You don’t need to have a site to sell social media adverts. You can now just register and begin taking adverts in your social media accounts. Rating in the social media ads is done through each sharing.

  • Detailed Report and Statistics

    You can follow the performance of your ad slots, and your earnings via the control panel at any time. Thanks to the advanced tools we offer to publishers, it is possible to control the total area of each advert. Therefore, the publishers have better idea about the sales strategy of next advertising spaces. The reports and statistics can be created as separate or combined combinations for each area.